Moving Tips

  • Find free moving boxes at recycling drop-off points
  • Reuse original boxes for electronics and appliances
  • Schedule a donation pick-up for free
  • Obtain quotes from at least three different moving companies
  • Have lots of water bottles on-hand when moving
  • Place a fully-charged iPad or other iOS device in a box to track your move
  • Color-code your moving boxes and household items with post-it notes
  • Use foam pouches for plates, bowls and glassware

Place heavy items in small boxes

While it’s tempting to place heavy items in large boxes, it’s always best to put them inside small boxes instead. Not only will this will make it easier to carry the boxes, but it will also prevent your items from falling out the bottom and breaking the box.

Stuff boxes containing fragile items with pillows and blankets

This will provide extra cushioning for items and prevent them from breaking, while also allowing you to pack more of your items inside the boxes.

Flatten boxes after a move and store for later

Planning on moving again in the next few years? Once you’ve finished unpacking, we highly recommend flattening all boxes and saving them for your next move. This will prevent you from having to purchase or find boxes later.

Save donation receipts for tax season

Donating household items to charities such as Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity? Save those donation receipts! Come tax season, you should be able to claim a deduction on your income taxes using these receipts.

Make sure the moving truck has a parking spot

Don’t forget to reserve a parking spot for the movers. Without it, you could end up ticking off your neighbors and getting a parking ticket. Also, don’t forget that time is money. If your movers waste valuable time searching for a spot to park their oversized truck, then your move will ultimately cost more in the end.

Get extra cash to tip movers

Many people choose to tip their movers for a job well-done. If you plan to tip your movers, we recommend heading to the ATM the night before to retrieve cash.

Check cabinets, drawers, appliances and closets before moving out

When moving out, it’s easy to leave things behind. We recommend double checking all kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets, drawers and appliances before handing over the keys.

Rekey your new house as soon as possible

From handymen and cleaning services to friends and family, there’s no telling who was given a copy of the keys from the previous owners. For safety purposes, we recommend rekeying your entire house prior to moving in.

Pack a moving day essentials box

Don’t move to a new home without a moving day essentials box or bag. This box should contain anything and everything you might need on moving day. Essentials could include toothbrushes, medications, toiletries, clothing, important documents, baby necessities, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning spray, trash bags, a tool kit, pet food, bottled water, wallets and extras shoes.

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